Hill Croft School


As with all schools in Northern Ireland, Hill Croft School adheres to the Northern Ireland Curriculum (2007). All pupils from age 3-19 have a broad and relevant curriculum which is adapted to meet their individual needs. Our curriculum is delivered with a focus on active learning which promotes skills and connects subjects together preparing young people for life after school.

In Nursery and Foundation department, pupils experience a wide range of play opportunities which develop their sensory, communication, social and physical skills. Learning is very "hands on" and is taught through a topic-based approach. As pupils move throughout the Junior School they build on their early Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and thinking skills whilst applying them in different contexts through active learning and class topics.

In Senior School, our focus remains on the development of a skills-based curriculum. We aim to prepare our young people for life and work and our curriculum reflects the development of these important life skills. Early Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Thinking skills link into practical and relevant modules of work.

Our Transition Department (Post 16) focus on our, non-statutory, Skills for Life programme. This allows them to practise their skills, use their knowledge and access resources in the local community along with having their work accredited through ASDAN and OCN.

Our pupils in our Sensory and Nurture departments with the most complex needs use 'Quest'/MAPP and TAPP to awaken, develop and refine their senses, promote motor skills and early communication and interaction with others.

Throughout school there is an emphasis on a multi-sensory approach and learning through activity. This is a very practical approach to learning which focuses on each child's own preferred learning style. The pupils have opportunities to take trips to places within their local community where they can experience learning first hand and practise their skills. Further information about the Northern Ireland Curriculum can be found at: www.nicurriculum.org.uk



During each child’s first 6-8 weeks in the school pupils undergo a period of assessment. A plan is compiled by the class teacher which outlines the pupils’, strengths, needs, learning objectives and short-term targets. We are regularly assessing each pupil both formally and informally to ensure that targets are appropriate and that each child’s individual needs are being met.