Hill Croft School


Our Transition department provides learning for pupils aged 16-19 years old.  The focus of the Transition department is to prepare students for life after school and comprises of three classes:  TAS, TJM, and THR.

We pride ourselves on producing active, fun, stimulating lessons that develop functional life skills, social skills and mental health and wellbeing for every learner.



We believe it’s our responsibility to provide real life experiences and opportunities to develop independent skills, self-advocacy, recognising dignity of individuals, while promoting self-esteem and achievement. We believe that the world is our classroom.


This is how we teach and learn:

In the Transition department, we:

  • Develop positive relationships with all learners and staff so we are able to have realistic expectations and celebrate every achievement.
  • Create a safe, caring and nurturing environment to promote age appropriate independence.
  • Provide real life, educational and social learning experiences.
  • Promote learning through practical meaningful activities.
  • Focus on providing meaningful work experiences.
  • Teach practical, functional numeracy, literacy and reading and cookery skills.
  • Encourage pupils to talk about feelings, emotions, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Develop positive relationships with outside agencies.
  • Develop transition skills that will improve life after school in the community.


As a result, we have pupils who:

  • Have confidence and are happy.
  • Are engaged in their learning.
  • Are gaining independence, and achieving new life skills.
  • Have access to a rich, challenging curriculum that’s adapted to meet their individual needs.
  • Are developing functional literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Have improved, appropriate levels of positive communication and have developed their social skills.
  • Are ready to leave us and make positive transition to post- school placements that are appropriate for their individual needs.


This rationale has been devised in conjunction with all department staff, parents and, where appropriate pupils.