Hill Croft School

School Money

School Money LogoWe are delighted to inform you that we have signed up to the online payment system SchoolMoney.  This means that you will now have the facility to make payments for school expenses, such as school meals and trips, online with your debit or credit card or via PayPoint.  No more hassle scrambling for money on a Monday morning!!

SchoolMoney is secure and safe. Not only will you be able to pay for items from the comfort of your own home but you will also be able to access your account at any time to see if there is anything you need to pay for.

You won’t need to sign up to this system as this is done automatically through the school and as long as you have provided us with up to date contact details you will receive your password via text.  This password will give you access to your SchoolMoney account where you can pay for any items we have requested.  Just click the link to complete sign up.  If you would like more than one parent to have access, please contact the office to add additional parents/grandparents.  Please contact the school office if you change any contact details.



  1. Go to www.eduspot.co.uk
  2. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button in the top right hand corner.
  3. In the drop down, select the ‘SchoolMoney Parent Login’ option
  4. Enter your mobile number, email address, the password we sent to you, and your child’s first name (full spelling).
  5. Or go to direct by clicking here: School Money Link 

Please contact the school office if you have any queries regarding this.


PayPoint offers you the option to pay in local shops with cash via a Barcode that will be provided by school. If you’d like to find your local PayPoint shop please visit consumer.paypoint.com , enter your postcode and it will provide you details of your local providers.

The closest PayPoint to Hill Croft School would be Co-Op Beverley Shops, Spar Manse Road and New Mossley newsagents.


School Money Parent User Guide