Hill Croft School

Take 5 School

We are proud to announce that Hill Croft has achieved the Level 3 Take 5 Schools Award. Our school has strived to find ways to promote health and wellbeing for pupils, staff and parents. We have worked alongside the Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke Association to develop a Well Team in school over the past number of years.  
Our Well Team has implemented a range of programmes to link closely with the Take 5 steps to Wellbeing. These have included:
  • Health checks (for parents, staff and friends of Hill Croft)
  • Groups- such as our Parent Support Group, Knit and Natter and Parent Walking Group
  • Exercise taster sessions and Step Challenges
  • Recharge Workshops
  • Creating a Hill Croft Knitted Christmas Tree
  • Performing a Take 5 themed Uplift Hi5 Performance in the Theatre at the Mill
  • Inviting families to join us for our Uplift Winter Wonderland in school. 

There are five simple steps to help maintain and improve your wellbeing. As a school we try to build these into our daily routine– we think of them as our ‘five a day’ for wellbeing.


We connect with the people around us: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours at home, work, school or in our local community. These relationships are the cornerstones of our life and we need to spend time developing them. Building these connections is vital to enriching our lives. 


Be active

Activity is built into every school day.  Exercising makes you feel good. Most importantly, discover a physical activity that you enjoy; one that suits your level of mobility and fitness. Small amounts of physical activity will make a big difference. 


Take notice

It is important to take time and take notice of the things around us. Look for something beautiful or something unusual. Savour the moment, whether you are on a walk, eating lunch or with friends. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling. 


Keep learning

The old saying "Every day is a school day" comes to mind.  Don’t be afraid to try something new! Set a challenge you will enjoy. Learning new things will make you more confident, as well as being fun to do.



This is something that Hill Croft does naturally. Our pupils, staff and families show kindness, give their time and join in with activities willingly. Do something nice for a friend or stranger, thank someone, smile, volunteer your time or consider joining a group.  Seeing yourself and your happiness linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding. 

The Hill Croft Take 5 Steps Pledge

To help us follow the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing we have developed a "Take 5 pledge" for our school. It is as follows:

I pledge to look after my wellbeing by finding ways to:

Connect - with people around me

Be Active - in a way I enjoy

Take Notice - of my surroundings

Keep Learning - new skills

Give - what I can when I can.